Walking Rugby is a slower, none contact version of the game, and is particularly suited to retired players, those recovering from injury and illness,

Come along to stay fit and active

It can be played by all ages and sexes together and can help keep people involved in the club and even bring in new members.


Everyone is invited to Burnley on Saturdays at 12am – it’s all about meeting old friends and making new ones.

Previous rugby experience could help but is by no means necessary and anyone is more than welcome to come along and give the game a try.

There will be a few rules to keep organisation and to make sure everyone gets as much game time as they want, in a friendly environment.

Anyone who’s never been to Burnley RUFC it’s behind the Oaks Hotel off Colne Rd or more information call Simon on 07988 122186.
Supported by Active Lancashire helping people to stay engaged & active .

One old duffer, still having a go!

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